Sustainability : Tork launches biobased cleaning cloth

© Tork

Tork, an Essity brand, extends its industrial cleaning offering with new products and packaging, including the new Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth. The new cloth is made from 99% biobased fibers, plant-based and sustainably sourced, independently certified as OK Biobased by TÜV Austria. Together with upgrades across the range, Tork aims to strengthen businesses through improving both efficiency and sustainability.

Customers are demanding products that help them meet their sustainability goals while increasing productivity. Work aims to help them achieve those goals.

The company is also making further improvements across the range with new and improved packaging. Tork packaging now uses 30% recycled plastics (helping to close the loop and reduce virgin plastic consumption) and 100% recycled cardboard fibers.

The carbon footprint of Tork exelCLEAN® cloths has also been reduced by 28% over the last decade.