BRIC TV Explores the Workings of Sunset Park Recycling Facility : VIDEO: Documentary on Sims’ 1000 TPD New York Recycling Facility

Sims Municipal sunset park recycling facility new york
© Sims Municipal

Brooklyn Without Boundaries (BRIC TV) has published a short documentary looking at Sims Municipal Recycling’s huge Sunset Park recycling facility in New York.

The facility was developed as part of a long-term contract between Sims Municipal Recycling and the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and serves as the principal processing facility for all of the metal, glass, and plastic recyclables from the city’s curb side recycling collections.

New Yorkers have been required to recycle for over 25 years, but the 2014 opening of the 1000 tonne per day MRF has ramped up the city’s recycling performance.

The facility itself is made almost entirely of recycled steel uses high tech sorting technology to process waste. It also features 600kW of solar panels on the roof and a 100kW wind turbine.

In the video, Tom Outerbridge explains the process through which materials flow and the technologies used to separate and sort them.

“This is by far the biggest metal, glass, plastic processing faciliy in the country,” he says. “As a result of the newness of it and the size of it, that has enabled us to invest in a lot more technology.”

However, he also noted that around 40% of the recyclable materials generated by New Yorkers, which are meant to go in the recycling bin, are ending up in black bags and being trucked long distances for disposal in landfill or waste to energy facilities.

The film can be watched below.

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