A Look at How Changing Business Practices Can Boost Reuse and Recycling : VIDEO: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Ikea & Girls Garage on Design for a Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy ikea waste reuse recycling
© Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A new video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation explores how design has the power to trigger systemic change, through individual, business and community levels to achieve a circular economy.

Malin Nordin, the Head of Circular Business Development at Inter IKEA Group discusses the ability of large organisations to scale up the circular economy through designing affordable furniture.

This will include a dive into how the circular economy can shift the perception that ‘affordable’ means cheap and poorly made, to one that gives rise to quality design.

The video also hears from Emily Pilloton, founder of Girls Garage. Emily promotes design with inclusivity, encouraging economic development for all with emphasis on the importance of exercising voice and power, bringing communities together.

The video can be viewed below:


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