Essar Developed Process at Hazira Steel Plant : VIDEO: Indian Steel Firm Recycling Hazardous Waste Dust

Essar Steel recycling blast furnace dust
© Essar Steel

Mumbai, India headquartered steel manufacturer, Essar Steel, has come up with a series of innovations to recycle and reuse the waste generated by its plant in Hazira, Gujarat.

The company said that its latest innovation, in which it recycles dust from the steel making process that would otherwise be considered a hazardous waste into briquettes, is a part of its efforts to reach zero waste.

Essar claimed that the process not only transforms potentially hazardous products into something of value, but also helped it to reduce operational costs.

One of the Essar Steel’s motto is Zero Waste and as a responsible corporate, Essar Steel has been implementing innovative measures to Recover, Recycle and Reuse waste material generated at the plant location.

The company is a part of the Essar Group, a multinational corporation with annual revenues of $35 billion and operations in 29 countries.

A video explaining the process can be viewed below.]

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