Four Year Project to Highlight Damage Being Caused by Waste Plastics : VIDEO: Plastic Oceans Adventure Documentary Trailer

plastic ocean documentary
© David Jones - Looking up at a fog of plastic floating in the Indian Ocean.

The team behind a feature length adventure documentary film which exposes the toll being taken on the marine environment by the huge quantities of waste plastics entering the oceans every year, has released a trailer.

With the full release imminent, Plastic Ocean has been four years in the making. The project began Producer Jo Ruxton joined an expedition to the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the North Pacific Gyre, 1500 miles off the coast of San Francisco, to ascertain its impact.

When the expedition discovered free-floating microplastics instead of an anticipated solid mass that could be contained, Jo knew she had to make the film.

Having started a charity to raise funds for the project, the team, oined by scientists, environmentalist and even a free diving champion, set off on a globetrotting expedition to that covered 20 locations.

The film documents the global effects of plastic pollution, and introduces workable technology and policy solutions that the producers said could, if implemented in time, change things for the better.

The trailer can be watched below and to receive a heads up on the full release click HERE

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