Five Customers Confirmed for ECLUSE Waste to Energy Heat Network : Waste to Energy Powered Industrial Heat Network Underway in Belgium

waste to energy heat network belgium ECLUSE

The first pipe for the new waste to energy fed industrial steam network, ECLUSE, has been laid in Waasland Port, Belgium.

The project is an alliance between Belgian environmental services firm, Indaver, SLECO a partnership between Indaver and SUEZ, utility firm Infrax, investment firm FINEG and Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever (the Left Scheldt Bank Cooperation).

From 2018 onwards it will transport the steam from two producers to six customers, with steam travelling through a 5 km network of pipes. Waste to energy will produce steam with a maximum capacity of around 250MW every year.

As a result, the six customers will no longer use their own in-house steam boilers.

The partners will construct a large network of steam and condensate pipes between the thermal installations of waste management companies Indaver and SLECO and a number of chemical companies in Waasland Port.

The steam network will enable the companies to purchase steam and heat according to their own requirements.

ECLUSE’s superheated steam is generated through the incineration of waste and will be transported through an insulated steam pipe to the users of the heat. The steam is transported at high pressure (±40 bar) and temperature (±400°C).

According to Indaver this method of transport is very efficient and is without appreciable loss of temperature or pressure. The resulting hot water will be returned to Indaver and SLECO through condensate piping, where it will be used once again as feed water in the steam boiler.

ECLUSE has signed an engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance contract with the temporary alliance AHP, a joint venture of the Dutch companies A.Hak and Petrogas, which specialise in installation and maintenance of transport and distribution pipelines for oil, gas, water and electricity on a global scale.


Indaver said that there are already five companies from Waasland Port signed up to close down all or part of their own gas boilers and purchase steam from ECLUSE for ten years: ADPO, a logistics partner to the chemical industry; chemicals producers Ashland; Monument Chemical; INEOS Phenol; and rubber and plastics producer LANXESS.

The condensate pipeline will also heat the buildings of a sixth company, DP World-Antwerp Gateway, on the return journey. Other companies will be able to join the steam network later.

When completed, the network will have the capacity to meet double the present-day heat demand.

According to Indaver, as a result of this future-proofing, ECLUSE will be ready to cater for increased future heat requirements of the six original companies.

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