Waste to energy : Windforce to develop Karadiyana Waste to Energy Power Plant

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Renowned for introducing breakthrough technology into Sri Lanka’s renewable energy industry, the Karadiyana Plant will reflect that cutting edge prowess with a 400-metric ton per day incinerator plant and a 100-metric ton per day anaerobic digester, together generating 10 MW of electricity to the National Grid.

The plant, located just 15 kilometers from central Colombo, can accommodate a total of 500 metric tons of input daily, which will be a significant contribution to manage the 7,000 metric tons of daily waste being accumulated in Sri Lanka, of which 60% is from the western province alone. Once commissioned, the anaerobic digestion plant will produce biogas through the input of organic waste, while the incineration plant will generate high pressure steam to operate a steam turbine.

Waste management continues to be a massive challenge for Sri Lanka, with waste accumulation in landfills getting a negative spotlight when the Meethotamulla 300-foot-high landfill collapsed in April 2017, killing 32 and affecting 1,765. Mitigating catastrophic disasters like these are an imperative, while also keeping the country’s carbon footprint at a minimum.