World First Robotic Recycling System to be Installed in Belgium

09 July 2012 Belgian recycling company, Maes is to install an automated sorting system that utilises specialised sensors and a robotic picking arm, manufactured by ZenRobotics. According to Helsinki, Finland based ZenRobotics its ZenRobotics Recycler is the world's first robotic recycling system which is marketed globally, through a reseller network in place in 49 countries. The company said that the system consists of a powerful conveyor belt feeding system, a specialised sensors package, the robotic picking cell, the recovered fractions container bays, and ZenRobotics Brain - the artificial intelligence - powered control system. It was claimed that the combination of technology enables the sorting of wood, stone, and metal fractions from the incoming construction and demolition waste stream. Furthermore, Maes is to run the system from solar power. The Maes facility is located near the recycling company's corporate headquarters in Tessenderlo, Belgium, and is expected to take delivery of the first international installation of ZenRobotics Recycler during the last quarter of 2012. ZenRobotics said that the complete value of the order exceeds EUR 1 million. Read More Rise of the Machines: Robot Recycling Recycling robots that think for themselves. Automated arms that can learn and get hurt. Is this something out of a science fiction novel? Nope, but a Finnish solution currently on trial sorting construction and demolition waste with SITA Finland. Tom Freyberg investigates. 'Self Learning' Sorting Machine for Battery Recycler in the Midlands UK waste battery collection and recycling company, G & P Batteries is investing in an automated battery sorting system from Optisort that utilises a neural network to 'self learn'. 750 TPD Construction Waste Recycling Facility for Michigan Green Energy Renewable Solutions (OTCQB: EWRL) - a developer and operator of municipal solid waste and construction and demolition (C&D) waste processing and recycling facilities in the U.S. - is to build a C&D waste recycling facility in Michigan. Free Magazine Subscription Free Email Newsletter