World's First Multi-Robot Recycling System for SITA Finland

Helsinki, Finland based ZenRobotics is to install the world's first robotic waste sorting plant to use multiple robots at SITA Finland's Helsinki C&I waste recycling facility. SITA Finland - a subsidiary of SUEZ Environnement (Paris: SEV, Brussels: SEVB) - will take delivery of two ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR) systems and one ZRR Heavy Picker and one ZRR Fast Picker. According to system's developer, the ZRR Heavy Picker is capable of sorting objects of up to 20 kg from the waste stream, while the Fast Picker can handle objects of up to 5 kg and can do the work of up to 15 human waste sorters. The ZRR test system, which picks raw materials from construction and demolition waste, has been run at SITA Finland since 2011 (See WMW Story). ZenRobotics claimed that the system has proven capable of increasing the plant's utilisation rate for the waste class from 70% to 90%. The project aims at over 95% rate. The company added that other SUEZ Environnement subsidiaries globally (in the EU and Australia) are following the project's success closely. Read More Rise of the Machines Recycling robots that think for themselves. Automated arms that can learn and get hurt. Is this something out of a science fiction novel? Nope, but a Finnish solution currently on trial sorting construction and demolition waste with SITA Finland. Tom Freyberg investigates. VIDEO – Best Practices for Recyclers to Prevent Water Pollution The Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACG) has published a best management practices factsheet and video case study for stormwater protection at recycling plants. £130m Recycling & Autoclave AD Biogas Plant for Wakefield Shanks Group is to build a build a residual waste treatment facility at South Kirkby, Yorkshire that will include an autoclave assisted anaerobic digestion plant.