E-Trucks : Cyclum Renewables announces renewable truck stop network

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Cyclum Renewables LLC is proud to announce plans to construct a national network of renewable fuel truck stops, with the goal to utilize 100% renewable natural gas (RNG), for real green fueling of America's future transportation industry. Cyclum will be partnering with sister company GESS RNG Biogas USA to both purchase carbon-negative RNG as well as design and construct renewable microgrids for GESS RNG Biogas USA production plants.

This network of renewable truck stops will be large-scale, sustainability-minded, and focused on enhancing the customer experience of car and truck drivers alike. To facilitate the transition of
commercial trucking towards sustainable practices, Cyclum will dispense biodiesel, compressed RNG, Hydrogen, and electricity for EV charging. Cyclum's proprietary solution can provide all of these fuels reliably and simultaneously while filling a gap in the current market.

Each station is designed to minimize environmental impact by producing power onsite through RNG turbines and solar while operating with sustainable business practices. With a focus on a higher tier of customer experience and top-end amenities, Cyclum's stations will set a new bar for the customer experience in the fuel dispensing industry.

Cyclum is locating sites for its first phase of stations, focusing on initial target markets along the West Coast and in North Carolina. On the West Coast, Cyclum is targeting the I-5 corridor, spanning from San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC. Special attention will be paid to major ports along this interstate, including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver. In North Carolina, Cyclum will focus on major trucking thoroughfares surrounding Charlotte, including I-85, I-77, and I-95.

Drew McGovern, Cyclum's Director of Sales, says, "We are excited to bring a
comprehensive renewable fuel option to the market. Working closely with our partners, we want to make renewable fuel stations and charging terminals accessible to the trucking industry, while making sure they have the support they need to transition to sustainable operations."

To facilitate the design and construction of these stations, Cyclum has partnered with KD3 Design Studio and Dawood Engineering. KD3 is providing first-class architectural services in the design of Cyclum's on-site amenities. Kurt Oravecz, KD3's Principal Architect, said, "KD3 is targeting high-performance, sustainable architectural design that is emblematic of Cyclum, with clean, pure lines and distinctive forms. Customer spaces will be bright, open, inviting, and comfortable to support rest, revitalization,
activity and nourishment with an airy, greenery-filled central community lounge, convenience store, casual fast-food restaurant, extraordinary site amenities, and private recharge pods for drivers."

Dawood is facilitating comprehensive engineering design and construction for the infrastructure needs of each station. "Cyclum's concept represents the future of renewable energy and trucking—two critical industries to grow the economy," said Jim Rodgers, Chief Strategic Officer with Dawood. "This development program supports our mission to help fuel US energy development and drive sustainability initiatives."

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