Green technology expo : Ecomondo: Call for papers is officially open!

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It is possible to nominate an abstract dedicated to a research project or an account of a successful experience for inclusion in the event's conference programme until 30 June 2024.

The Call for Papers focuses on the key themes of Ecomondo's conference programme and exhibition: the circular management of resources, the water cycle and optimising the efficiency of water networks, industrial symbiosis projects, wood and biomaterials for construction, indoor air quality and odour emissions, and sustainable strategies for the remediation of polluted sites.

Ecomondo 2024 will host more than 100 conferences and workshops on best innovation practices, policy and regulatory issues, emerging research and innovation priorities and funding opportunities, entrepreneurship, international networking and partnership building, financing, education and communication in the green and circular economy and the Green Deal.

Some of the conferences will be open to contributions from delegates, representatives of the public and private sectors, regulators and society, who will be able to integrate the contributions of invited experts with their own experiences, views and best practices from different sectors and countries.