Smart waste management : Sensoneo: series A investment of more than 6 million euros

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Sensoneo, a technology company based in Slovakia, has announced a Series A investment of 6.2 million Euro. The investment was announced in Taipei during the Slovak business delegation's visit to Taiwan. The Series A lead investor is Taiwania Capital, with participation from existing investors Crowdberry, EIC Fund and Venture to Future Fund. Sensoneo will use the investment to expand into other regions and strengthen its position in global markets.

Investment in smart waste management

Taiwania Capital, a Taiwan-based venture capital firm, focuses on Series A investments in global technology companies. Since 2022, the government-funded $200 million Central and Eastern Europe Fund (CEE Fund) has invested in high-growth start-ups and scale-ups based in the CEE region. Mitch Yang, Managing Partner of the CEE Fund, explains: “Sensoneo is an excellent example of how a company based in the CEE region can attract international customers and compete globally by consistently prioritizing innovation. As a global leader, Sensoneo holds a unique position that allows the company to effectively target the rapidly growing smart waste management market. We believe that Sensoneo's technology is setting the standard in smart waste management, and we are excited to be part of the story.”

Combination of sustainability and technology

Since its creation in 2017, Sensoneo has provided green-tech smart waste solutions that currently support cities and businesses in more than 80 countries worldwide. Thanks to the combination of sustainability, unique technologies and stable growth, Sensoneo is an attractive company in terms of investment opportunities. The company has been in negotiations with several global investors, who have also taken into account the potential of the Asia-Pacific region: "Taiwania is an internationally recognized investment company with a proven IPO track record and know-how. We are delighted that, thanks to this investment, we will receive growth capital that will help us strengthen our position as the global leader in the smart waste market. Furthermore, it confirms our growth in the APAC region, and it opens new business opportunities in Asia, which is one of the core markets for us. Additionally, we are planning to open a branch in Taiwan this year, enabling us to be near to our customers and bring our smart waste management solutions to Asian countries,” said Martin Basila, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Sensoneo.

TROB (Taipei Representative Office Bratislava) is also supporting the opening of the new office. The cooperation with Sensoneo is praised by Mr Nan-Yang Lee, the representative of TROB:“This is a visible example showing that the Taiwan government is willing to cooperate with Slovakia, not only to reinforce connection in the business world but also to create opportunities that will bring prosperity to both countries.”

World leader in intelligent waste management solutions

To date, Sensoneo has received pre-seed and seed investment of €2.2 million. This has helped the company to become the world leader in intelligent waste management solutions. In the coming years, the company plans to double its growth, accelerate its profitability and hire new employees.

The company's revenues come from three separate divisions: comprehensive intelligent waste collection solutions, including the company's own sensors; optimisation of waste collection logistics in factories; and the Deposit Refund System (DRS) solution. Intelligent waste monitoring is used by cities such as Buenos Aires, Reykjavik, Trieste and Prague. Sensoneo is also involved in the largest smart waste installation in Europe, to be launched this year in Madrid.

Sensoneo has developed a unique software system for DRS that can be adapted to the specific needs of different countries. The company is currently the only DRS integrator operating in three countries: Slovakia, Malta and the first phase of the DRS in Romania. Sensoneo is also implementing DRS in another Central European country and in its first Western European country.