Reycling : Circular fashion - recycling is the latest trend

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The UK’s leading sustainable resource management company, Veolia, announces that Gavin Graveson, Senior Executive Vice-President Northern Europe Zone, will join the CFIN’s Advisory Board as the leader for developing essential recycling infrastructure for the UK’s fashion industry.

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The UK fashion industry contributed £29bn to UK GDP in 2022. However, the Institute of Positive Fashion estimates that consumption of new clothes in the UK is higher than in any other European country. At the current rate, more than 25% of global carbon emissions will come from creating textiles by 2050.

The UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) and the British Fashion Council (BFC) are collaborating as co-chairs of a new government-funded circular fashion programme, which aims to facilitate and lead the development of a circular fashion ecosystem within the UK. Co Chaired by Adam Mansell, UKFT and Caroline Rush, CEO, BFC, the CFIN aims to move the UK towards a circular economy model and seeks to address the challenges of waste reduction, while mitigating the environmental impact of production and consumption of fashion in the UK. Its leaders will report to the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI’s) programme as an essential part of its £15m commitment to creating an innovation-led approach to circular fashion.

As an established leader in the environmental sector, Gavin joins the CFIN Advisory Board to lend his extensive knowledge and expertise in recycling infrastructure. He will support the CFIN to increase recycling capacity within an industry that has huge potential to cut carbon emissions and regenerate resources.

Commenting on joining the CFIN’s Advisory Board, Veolia’s Senior Executive Vice-President Northern Europe Zone, Gavin Graveson said: “I am pleased to be joining the CFIN Advisory Board, where I believe we can bring ecological transformation to the heart of the fashion recycling industry. By introducing take back schemes and by working with designers to improve the recyclability of textiles produced, we can increase the amount of materials being recycled, meet our circularity goals and reduce carbon emissions. “Seeing the positive work that the British Fashion Council (BFC) and the UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) have already done in the fashion industry gives me great optimism that we can further this progress and offer industry leading services to ensure the UK’s fashion industry reaches a circular economy.”

Adam Mansell, CEO of UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) and Co Chair of CFIN said: “Caroline and I are delighted that Gavin has joined the CFIN Advisory Board. Having access to Veolia’s vast experience and knowledge of creating opportunities and delivering solutions to the challenges posed by waste and recycling will be so important to the success of CFIN’s mission.”