With No Large Events the Pandemic, Every Can Counts Launches #ReSTART : Austrian Branch of Every Can Counts Launches Recycling Awareness Campaign

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With major events from trade shows to festivals and football to opera on hold for the near future, Austrian recycling initiative, ‘Jede Dose zählt’ (Every can counts) has now found a new way to make young people in particular aware of the importance of recycling cans.

Under the motto #ReSTART, people across Europe are being motivated through Facebook and Instagram to change habits after the COVID-19 pandemic and thus make a contribution to climate protection.

The initiative conveys the message that recycling is not only important, but can also be fun. Followers are encouraged to throw their empty beverage cans into a recycling bin and film themselves in the most creative way possible.

All posts with the hashtag #RecyclingChallenge will then be featured on the channels of Jede Dose and Every Can Counts.

Every Can Counts is an initiative spread across in 19 European countries that aims to raise awareness of aluminum recycling.

Additionally, the #ReSTART campagain aims show that we can all take something positive from this special time.

"We are delighted that this way we can reach people across Europe with our message and that they both inspire and motivate them to contribute to a healthier environment," said Claudia Bierth, spokeswoman for the Austrian organisation Jede Dose zählt’. "The correct disposal of beverage cans is easy and really everyone can help with small measures to save our climate - we want to show that. And when, if not now, is the best opportunity for a #ReSTART."