Recycling : Dyntex launches first functional textiles made from recycled car tyres

Dyntex sorgt mit den ersten hochwertigen Funktionsstoffen aus recycelten Autoreifen für eine Innovation am Markt für nachhaltige Sport- und Lifestyle-Bekleidung. // Dyntex is ensuring innovation in the market for sustainable sportswear and lifestyle clothing with its premium functional fabrics made from recycled car tyres.
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Dyntex, developer and manufacturer of functional materials from Bregenz (Austria), is offering high-quality fabrics made from recycled car tyres as a product innovation. Through an innovative thermo-chemical process, a polyamide polymer is recovered from old tyres. This is processed into a fine yarn and subsequently into an ultra-light functional fabric. There is great interest in this sustainable material.

Quality fabrics from old car tyres: Through a new thermo-chemical process, a pyrolysis oil is first extracted from shredded tyres and then a polyamide polymer is produced. The raw material, which consists of post-consumer recyclate (PCR), is further processed into yarn in Italy.

Together with specialists from Japan and Italy, Dyntex has developed ultra-light high-tech functional textiles from it. The newly developed collection comprises eight different fabrics, the lightest weighing just 36 grams per square metre. With their special handles and looks, they are ideal for fashionable sports and functional clothing. This new product is now available on the market.

Resource-saving and high-quality

"We recycle materials that were previously no longer usable, require hardly any fossil resources in production and thus achieve a massive reduction in the CO2 footprint," explains Alexander Gächter, Sales Manager at Dyntex.

The recycled fabrics meet the same high standards as those made from newly produced polyamide. Like all Dyntex functional fabrics, they are water-repellent, breathable, free of fluorocarbon and very durable even under heavy use. The new textiles are therefore ideal for sports and lifestyle fashion as well as for workwear.

Growth market for sustainable fashion

The market for sustainable fashion has been growing strongly for years. The demand for functional fabrics made from recycled material is correspondingly high. Dyntex is one of the pioneers: As early as 2020, the Vorarlberg-based company launched the world's first functional textiles made of biosynthetic yarn (Dyntex® Biological Origin) and biodegradable fabric (Dyntex® Biodegradable).

"Two years ago, our sustainable functional textiles caused a sensation in the industry. Our collection with recycled car tyres as raw material is another milestone," Gächter is convinced. "With this innovation, we are proving our lead in the development and production of environmentally friendly functional textiles."?