Plastic Recycling : Olyns collaborates with Mars Wrigley to recycle rigid plastic candy containers

Variety of milk chocolate and jelly sugar gum sweets and candies on black. Best snacks for kids parties.
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Olyns, a leader in innovative recycling technologies, is collaborating with Mars Wrigley, the world’s largest manufacturer of treats and snacks, to launch the Sweet Rewards Challenge, a new approach to the collection of rigid plastic candy and gum containers that gamifies recycling. Every one living in Northern California who deposits qualifying candy containers in an Olyns Reverse Vending Machine will have a chance to win thousands of dollars in rewards. The Sweet Rewards Challenge will run at select retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area for a limited time beginning October 25 2022.

“Rigid plastic containers, like those used for gum and candy, may slip through the cracks of traditional recycling systems because they’re too small. And because states don’t offer redemption value, there is limited incentive to recycle them," said Philip Stanger, Co-Founder and CEO of Olyns. “We're changing that by combining convenient recycling with fun and rewards. Every time you deposit a candy container in one of our RVM Cubes, you’ll get a chance to unlock badges and win cash. We’ve set it up like a slot machine, but instead of inserting a coin to play, you deposit an empty candy container."