Waste sorting : Recycling contractor relies on Sennebogen for fleet renewal

The elevating cab enables optimal visibility and precise loading of the container

Since its foundation, Rieger Entsorgungs GmbH has enjoyed a long and successful history that has set it apart from many of its competitors. The company was founded in 1925 by Georg and Katharina Rieger with a small carriage business. Originally, the family business started with a coal and heating oil business. Over the years, the company specialised in waste disposal and recycling. The quest for industry leadership was reinforced in 1988 with the commissioning of Austria's first waste sorting plant and certification to ISO 9002 and ISO 9001. Since 2007, Johann Rieger Jr. has been managing the recycling company with more than 150 employees, over 1,000 containers and more than 100 trucks, as well as a fleet of machines specialised in material handling. The Linz facility processes more than 50,000 tonnes of material per year, most of which comes from within a 50km radius. The diverse range of materials includes everything from household waste to commercial, construction and industrial waste. The material is sorted, processed and segregated before being loaded for disposal or further recycling.

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Driver comfort and performance increased with lower fuel consumption at the same time

For the renewal of the material handling fleet, the company examined all options on the market. Gerhard Pirchner, Ascendum sales representative, has been supporting Rieger Entsorgungs GmbH in matters of construction machinery for several years and enabled the company to test the SENNEBOGEN 822 of the new G series. Site manager Helmut Vorwagner explains: "We knew about Ascendum's good service and wanted to test whether SENNEBOGEN met our requirements. Gerhard Pirchner organised a new 822 G material handler with a 10 m reach and a 450 litre sorting grab for us to try out for a week. We tested it and liked it so much that we didn't want to give it away!"

As the successor to the 818 E and the latest addition to the G Series, the 822 G offers a number of improvements that significantly increase operator comfort and performance while reducing fuel consumption. The intelligent layout of the machine components allows easy access to all service points for daily maintenance. The new elevating panoramic cab features an extra-wide, air-conditioned comfort seat. The machine can be adapted to the operator's individual needs by means of storable operator profiles.

Bashkim Holili, machine operator and Gerhard Pirchner, Ascendum sales representative
Bashkim Holili, machine operator and Gerhard Pirchner, Ascendum sales representative - © SENNEBOGEN

For operator Bashkim Holili, the improvements to the cab make his day-to-day work much easier. While the recycling of wood products plays a central role at the Linz depot, Holili is also tasked with handling a variety of other materials, such as construction materials, which are dumped on the site in large quantities. After the material has been sorted and separated with the SENNEBOGEN 822 G, it is loaded into bulk trailers and delivered to various recycling plants. When loading the containers, Holili makes full use of the SENNEBOGEN's elevating cab: "This makes loading much easier and safer for me. I can see exactly where there is additional room for material and ensure that I can use the full capacity every time. The precision of the new joysticks helps me to break down the material and gives me much more control compared to my last machine."

Overall package convinced

The new material handling fleet is completed by the electrically powered SENNEBOGEN 821 E at the headquarters in Neumarkt am Wallersee. The goal was to make the company's processes more sustainable. For the machine, which is directly connected to the power grid, a large part of the energy is generated by the in-house photovoltaic system. The powerful 90 kW electric motor of the SENNEBOGEN 821 E and the mobile undercarriage are perfectly suited to the conditions on site. Due to the lower maintenance effort, caused by the omission of tank stops, oil or filter changes, the material handler scores with considerably lower operating costs, works emission-free and is always ready for use.

The SENNEBOGEN duo in the Rieger fleet will be in use for up to 10 years. For this fleet renewal, the overall package of efficient and powerful machines from SENNEBOGEN as well as optimal support and service from Ascendum was convincing. Managing director Johann Rieger explains: "We want machines that will accompany us through a long and productive working life and make our daily work easier. That's why we chose SENNEBOGEN material handlers."

From left to right: Managing Director Johann Rieger, operator Michael Luginger and Ascendum sales representative Gerhard Pirchner
From left to right: Managing Director Johann Rieger, operator Michael Luginger and Ascendum sales representative Gerhard Pirchner - © SENNEBOGEN