8-year Deal with SITREVA to Boost Circular Economy & Energy Efficiency

€109m Waste to Energy Contract Renewal for SUEZ in Ouarville, France

In Ouarville, in the Eure-et-Loir department in France, SITREVA has renewed its contract in SUEZ by awarding the Group the public utilities and works concession for the operation of the waste to energy plant in Ouarville.


In Ouarville, in the Eure-et-Loir department in France, the inter-community syndicate for the treatment and recovery of waste (SITREVA) has renewed its contract in SUEZ by awarding the Group the public utilities and works concession for the operation of the waste to energy plant in Ouarville.

This new 8-year contract, worth a total turnover of €109 million, also includes the operation of a bottom ash maturing platform. 

According to SUEZ, thanks to the use of new innovations, the new contract will improve the energy and environmental performance of the site and develop the territory’s circular and inclusive economy.

The waste to energy plant will feature the latest digital solutions to optimise its operation and performance. Its capacity to produce electricity will be increased by 9% to 67.4 GWh from 2023, and the heat produced by the combustion of the waste will be recovered to heat:

  • A complex of above-ground agricultural greenhouses covering 10 hectares that will produce pesticide-free vegetables for the local market, sold less than 100km from Paris
  • NextAlim’s project to build a plant producing animal proteins from insects.

The plant will further improve its environmental excellence by cutting its nitrogen oxide emissions to less than 150 mg/Nm3.

Driving the Local Circular & Inclusive Economy
The agricultural greenhouses and the NextAlim insect breeding plant will: 

  • Boost the agricultural economy in the Beauce region
  • Develop innovative industrial sector for the ecological transition
  • Create at least 50 local new jobs than cannot be relocated in 2023, in cooperation with the local authorities and with the support of the “Maison pour Rebondir” in the Yvelines department, which was set up by SUEZ to promote social innovation and employment.   

By creating a direct connection between waste, food, farming and breeding, these two new activities are hoped to become part of a local circular economy. SUEA said that this circular economy model will be further extended by increasing the capacity of the bottom ash maturing platform to 110,000 tonnes, 100% of which will be used as substrate for roads. 
Finally, virtual reality technologies will be used to create an immersive training programme in the facility, focussing on waste prevention and the circular economy. 

“This project will help the region to adopt the ecological transition but also the agriculture and breeding methods of tomorrow, while fuelling growth and creating jobs. SUEZ has called on all its expertise and inventiveness to offer SITREVA tailor-made and forward-looking, solutions that will enable the Ouarville plant to set new standards in terms of the circular economy,” said Marie-Ange Debon ,SEVP Group-France, Italy, Eastern & Central Europe.

Benoît Petitprez, President of SITREVA, added: “SITREVA’s new facility in Ouarville, jointly supported with SUEZ by SITREVA members (SICTOM of Chateaudun region, SICTOM of Rambouillet region, SICTOM of Auneau Region, Ile-de-France Portes Euréliennes community of communes and Dreux Agglomération) is a perfect illustration of the future of industrial sites: multiple sources of value creation, short circuits and industrial intelligence that works for the circular economy, growth and employment.”

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