40,000 TPA of Household & Commercial Organics to Create Biogas & Fertiliser

BTA International Completes Organic Waste to Biogas Plant in Quebec

BTA International GmbH, a specialist for the wet-mechanical pre-treatment and subsequent digestion of organic waste containing impurities, have completed a major waste to gas facility in Varennes, Quebec.


BT International GmbH, a specialist for the wet-mechanical pre-treatment and subsequent digestion of organic waste containing impurities, and its North American partner CCI BioEnergy Inc. have completed a major waste to gas facility in Varennes, Quebec.

The facility is owned by the Canadian Société d’économie mixte de l’est de la couronne sud (SÉMECS), a public-private partnership between Biogaz EG and regional county municipalities (MRCs) of La Vallée-du-Richelieu, Marguerite-D’Youville and Rouville, a group of 27 area municipalities.

BTA said that The plant treats household organic waste generated by residents. It also receives and processes commercial organic material from various sources and converts it into biogas.

The biogas is used to fuel the boilers which provide the required heat for the facility and the biological processes. The majority of the biogas is used by Greenfield Global Québec Inc., an ethanol facility located on the adjacent site, replacing a portion of the natural gas used by that company in its process.

According to BTA, more than 90% of the available and digestible organics are captured and converted, including disposable diapers and compound packaging. The resulting nutrient rich digestate is being applied on some 400 farms that grow the corn to supply the ethanol facility.

The digestate is a soil conditioner, providing moisture retention and organic content as well as improving soil aeration and structure. Any excess liquids are treated in an on-site waste water treatment plant before being discharged. The nitrogen is stripped from the water and used as a high value agricultural fertiliser. The extracted inert residual contaminates are compacted and shipped to landfill.

The facility is designed and built on BTA’s technology platform, the BTA® Process. The annual design capacity is 40,000 metric tonnes of residential Source Separated Organics (SSO), grass clippings, septage, and various industrial, commercial, and institutional (IC&I) sources.

Solid organics and septage are fed to the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment System, configured with 1 x BTA® Waste Pulper (32m3) and 2 x BTA® Grit Removal Systems. Liquid organics are fed directly into the digesters.

BTA International GmbH (BTA) and its partner and licensee for North America, CCI BioEnergy Inc. (CCI) were selected by SEMECS to design and supply the BTA® Process for the project. BTA & CCI delivered a services package which provided the facility and process design, key process equipment, the software components for the plant, and a training / start up package through to daily operations phase.

“The advanced BTA Wet PreTreatment process proved again its high flexibility to treat highly contaminated waste streams. Being the fourth realized Waste treatment plant based on the BTA process in Canada, BTA underlines its leading position in the biological waste treatment in Canada,” commented Roland Pellegrini, Managing Director of BTA International GmbH.

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