Cooperation of Panizzolo Recycling Systems and Deral S.p.A.

Deral S.p.A. produces billets from aluminum scrap. To ensure high production quality, the material must be carefully freed from impurities before it ends up in the furnaces. For this purpose, the Italian company makes use of a grinding and sorting plant. This was recently equipped by Panizzolo Recycling Systems with the new Mega 1100 hammer mill and a new separation system.

Deral Panizzolo Recycling Aluminium

Hammer mill Mega 1100.

Deral was founded in 1986 in the Italian province of Brescia. Initially, the company dealt with scrap discarded from the extrusion production cycles, from which new billets were made. Over the years, the range was expanded. In the meantime, material from window demolition and aluminum profiles can also enter the melting cycle. This development has led to more attention being paid to recycling quality and upgrading raw material from scrap. In 2015, as part of this process, the old plant was replaced by a first mobile drum plant Flex 1000 from Panizzolo. Over the years, an X-ray sorter has also been installed, which makes it possible to effectively identify and separate the secondary alloys from the primary aluminum, which is suitable for processing.

"At the beginning, we worked with shear presses and a manual selection for the cleaning phases. In particular, our double shaft crusher produced a very large piece of aluminum (50-60 cm) and therefore forced us to reduce its performance. In addition, the quality of the product was not perfect, which was clearly noticeable during casting. For this reason, in recent years we have opted for complete and more effective systems such as the Panizzolo line," reports Pietro Giulio Vincoli, CEO of Deral. "One of the first Panizzolo machines to be in¬stalled was the Flex 1000 mobile drum hammer mill, but now we have switched to a Mega 1100 stationary hammer mill. At the beginning, the most important thing for us was to increase the production capacity of the mill. According to the data so far, we can already see a significant improvement."

In hammer mill processing, the patented screen basket plays an important role. "The replaceable screen basket convinces with a simple and effective technique. In a large mill, hammer maintenance would normally require a production stop of at least one day. With the Panizzolo machines, it only takes a few hours," says Vincoli.

Right now, big changes are taking place in the industry. In the next ten to fifteen years, Vincoli believes there will be more and more companies working with complete systems. These systems will then enable all the internal finishing of the material. In this process, the role of the "pure" scrap dealer could disappear. Therefore, to face the future, companies will have to structure or deconstruct themselves. Vincoli gives an example: "As a foundry, we collect demolition material or finished material; there is no longer a middle ground. We are considering investing additionally in reprocessing plants due to the very strong demand for aluminum and the CO2 reduction regulations. Therefore, I think that the 1100 Mega Panizzolo mill has great chances of success for aluminum treatment. With the same machine it is possible to process both the profile and the aluminum casing, as well as other types of aluminum. At the same time, it remains a machine with a decent size at a low cost."