Mixed Organics Wastes Prepared for Anaerobic Digestion

ECOGI Completes Food & Green Waste Pre-Treatment Plant in Denmark

Gemidan ECOGI has completed a food and green waste pre-treatment installation for waste management company AffaldPlus in Denmark.


Gemidan ECOGI, fully owned subsuduary of Danish waste and recycling firm, the Gemidan Group, has completed a pre-treatment installation for waste management company AffaldPlus in Denmark.

The new facility is designed to process 25,000 tonnes per annum of food waste received from six municipalities in the South Zealand area of Denmark. The plant is also designed to accept feedstock containing mixed food and garden waste materials (garden waste content limited to 20%).

The contract to supply pre-treatment equipment followed a competitive Danish EU public procurement to provide South Zealand municipalities with a high performance, flexible and robust processing technology for kerbside collected, source separated food waste.

“Gemidan ECOGI has delivered the new AffaldPlus pre-treatment facility on time and the co-operation between our companies has been excellent throughout the delivery of the processing facility,” commented Ole J Andersen, Head of Energy at AffaldPlus.

The high-quality, pulp-based substrate produced at the AffaldPlus facility will be distributed to local anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities producing biogas upgraded for injection into the Danish natural gas distribution grid. 

“The ECOGI technology is proving to be the high performance, robust and flexible pre-treatment technology we set out to procure. Although it is still early days ECOGI will certainly help the municipalities achieve their EU based recycling target of 50% by 2022,” added Andersen.

The AffaldPlus supply contract contains stringent pre-treatment performance requirements. The facility is required to be capable of processing feedstock containing up to 20% physical contamination (mainly in the form of packaging materials). Also specified is a capture rate of 95% for the feedstock organic content together with the production of a pulp-based substrate that has a purity (free from non-organic materials) of over 99.9%.

In addition to processing performance requirements there were design and installation challenges for the equipment itself. The new food waste pre-treatment technology was added to an existing waste management and energy from waste facility. 

The building chosen to house the new processing equipment was originally built to contain a thermal energy boiler. When designing the bespoke installation layout, the building created many challenges, mainly around restrictions on fitting the key technology components into the available space. 

One challenge that needed to be overcome was the design and installation of below-ground level process tanks which needed to be located within the existing building.

Another technical challenge was incorporating the ECOGI’s fully automated management system into the wider facility control room computer software systems. 

According to Ecogi the new bespoke design facility is now fully operational and meeting all key performance requirements. 

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