Contracts Continue Finnish Success for Underground Vacuum Technology

Envac Secures Deals to Automate Waste Collection at 4 Finnish Hospitals

Envac has secured contracts to install its automated waste collection systems at four hospitals across Finland - Jyväskylä, Kainuu Central, Hyvinkää Sairaalanmäki and Tampere University Hospital.

Jyväskylä Hospital, one of four Finnish hospitals to install Envac's automated waste collection technology.

Envac has secured contracts to install its automated waste collection systems (AWCS) four hospitals across the Finland - Jyväskylä, Kainuu Central, Hyvinkää Sairaalanmäki and Tampere University Hospital.

The company said that it expects all four installations to be operational by 2020 and automatically transporting a combined total of over 3000 tonnes of hospital linen and general waste, via airflow alone, each year.

“We expect the technology to significantly streamline our waste collection process,” said Eero Rahikka, Property Manager at HUS, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

The system transports waste at up to 70 km per hour through a network of pipes either hidden underground or located within the core of a building. Waste is then transported to a central collection station on the perimeter of the hospital site.

“Organisations in both the private and public sectors are increasingly turning to automated waste collection as a way in which to create efficiencies and make waste collection a cleaner, leaner and more sustainable process,” explained Joakim Karlsson, Envac AB’s Chief Executive.

“Whilst Finland is a relatively small country, it has demonstrated a commitment to innovation and an ability to map out a long-term vision. In doing this, it has set the global standard when it comes to waste collection within the healthcare sector and for this we applaud the country’s forward-thinking attitude,” he added.

Envac invented automated waste collection technology in 1961 and said that it has since installed it in residential developments, airports, industrial kitchens and entire towns and cities.

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