District Heating Boiler Requires High-Quality Fuel

Geminor Begins Bulk RDF Shipments to Swedish Waste to Energy Plant

Geminor, has made its first bulk shipment of RDF to the Landskrona Energi waste to energy facility in the south-western corner of Sweden.


Northern Irish waste and recycling firm, Geminor, has made its first bulk shipment of RDF to the Landskrona Energi waste to energy facility in the south-western corner of Sweden.

Geminor explained that the boiler at Landskrona Energi district heating facility is sensitive and needs a high quality 100 mm refined. The export comes as a result of Geminors partnership with local fuel engineering specialist RiverRidge Recycling.

The first three shipments have now been shipped to Geminor’s multimodal logistics terminal hub at Landskrona.

Per Mernelius, Geminor Country Manager in Sweden, commented on the arangement:

“Our HUB in Landskrona receive secondary fuels from Norway, Germany and England on trailers and Ro Ro ferries via Helsingborg harbour. This is our first bulk shipment to our HUB at Landskrona via Landskrona harbour, which is located next door to our site, says Per Mernelius.

“Previously bulk shipments with RDF into southern Swedish ports have not worked well. Some ports have experienced difficulties with such shipments in the past and stopped taking in bulk ships with RDF.

“Most ports in southern Sweden are sceptical to receive bulk ships with RDF due to difficulties to unload baled RDF without damaging bales, littering the area and creating odour issues.

“Our experience is that thorough project management, good planning and hands on work is essential in becoming successful at unloading bulk ships with RDF. By loading 2500 to 3000 tons of RDF in every shipment, this transport is much more cost efficient and environmentally sustainable compared to transport made by trailers, says Mernelius.

“The HUB at Landskrona is one of Geminor’s five HUBs in Sweden, including Göteborg, Oxelösund, Huddinge and Helsingborg. Geminor Waste Treatment AB runs the multimodal facilities at Landskrona, which unbales, processes, blends and stores waste fuels from all over Northern Europe.”

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