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Hitachi Zosen Inova with new grate block for WTE plants

Switzerland-based Plant engineering and service company Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) describes its new DuoBlock product as “an innovation for the revision of reciprocating grates” for waste-to-energy (WTE) plants.

Hitachi Zosen Inova AG Waste to Energy

The new HZI DuoBlock is designed as a double grate block and is 206 mm wide. The aim of the
development was to improve handling during revision and cost savings for customers. Lorenz Mäussler, Director Global Spare Parts at HZI, was involved in the development of the block: "“The HZI DuoBlock is already considerably cheaper for our customers when purchased. It can be installed more quickly and shortens downtimes and mounting costs during revision."

The block is equipped with an additional mounting option in which blocks can be bolted together, or tension rods can be used, says HZI. The option facilitates replacement of individual grate blocks, adds the firm. 

The DuoBlock weighs 35 percent less than two individual blocks, so it reduces wear on grate carriages and drives, according to HZI. The number of gaps between the grate blocks used is reduced by 50 percent, which reduces the risk of spreading and setting up grate rows and, thus, unplanned plant downtimes, adds the firm.

The new grate block can be used with all HZI R-Series moving grates. Thereby not be necessary to replace the entire grate lining, individual rows and zones can be individual rows and zones can be replaced, for example as part of the regular overhaul. The grate block is available in the classic HZI design as well as a version with primary air injection on the
top side.