Carlos Silva Filho is the Vice President of ISWA and the President and CEO of ISWA’s National Member in Brazil, ABRELPE.

Carlos Silva Filho Update on ISWA’s Campaign to Close the Dumpsites

ISWA BLOG: Close the Dumpsites, Clean the Oceans, Educate the Kids

ISWA’s campaign for the Closure of the World’s Biggest Dumpsites has reached a new stage as it has delivered a concrete result with the effective closure of the Estrutural dumpsite in Brasília, capital of Brazil.

ISWA’s campaign for the Closure of the World’s Biggest Dumpsites has reached a new stage as it has delivered a concrete result with the effective closure of the Estrutural dumpsite in Brasília, capital of Brazil.

Estrutural, the largest open dump in Latin America, and one of the key sites highlighted on the map of ISWA’s Roadmap for Closing Waste Dumpsites, was finally closed on 20 January 2018 (some details are presented in the article published in this WMW issue).

The Roadmap and the ISWA-led campaign were instrumental in this process of closing the Brasilia dumpsite, and the association will remain in a key supporting role to the government of Brasilia over the next ten years.

Unfortunately, waste management is still not considered a priority in most developing countries, where collection services are sporadic and unorganised, recycling is not conducted professionally and dumpsites can be found in almost every city as the easy and cheap option to dispose of whatever is discharged by the population.

The current inefficiency throughout the whole waste management system has a negative impact on the environment, largely on water bodies, affecting people’s health, even far away from the pollution sources. The 2016 Global Waste Management Outlook reported that 3 billion people worldwide have no access to basic waste services and the pollution caused by dumpsites nowadays kills more people than malaria.

The reason ISWA is working at a global level and developing several initiatives is to combat pollution caused by inadequate waste management in order to save people’s lives. Together with the Close Dumpsites campaign, the association is promoting the Scholarship Programme and the Marine Litter Task Force aiming to put an end to the waste crisis that pollutes our planet’s land, air and water.

The Scholarship Programme is currently being developed by ISWA in Nicaragua, under the coordination of Timothy Bouldry. The programme’s target is to help children who are sorting garbage at dumpsites to have a better future.

The Marine Litter Task Force has published a report that provides detailed evidence on the links between the lack of infrastructure and inappropriate waste management and the generation of ocean waste. The only way to turn the tide on marine litter is to tackle the problem at source. This means providing waste collection systems and adequate disposal infrastructure.

The success of such programmes is totally dependent on the level of engagement ISWA can obtain worldwide, not only from international institutions, governments and companies, but also from individuals who can join, support and contribute to the implementation and promotion of each action which, after all, is about people, not waste!

As a reader of WMW you can sign the online petition for the Closure of the Biggest Dumpsites, donate to the Scholarship Programme or contribute to the Marine Litter Task Force. It’s only one click away at Hurry up and help us make the world a better place.

Carlos Silva Filho, ISWA Vice President

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