Las Vegas Mega Materials Recovery Facility (MRF): Construction Update

Construction work is progressing on the Las Vegas 265,000 tons (240,000 tonnes) single stream recycling facility with a completion date slated for the end of this year..


Construction work is progressing on the Las Vegas 265,000 tons (240,000 tonnes) single stream recycling facility with a completion date slated for the end of this year.

This is a large project to develop a new 110,000 square foot recycling center that will increase single stream recycling volumes in Clark County Nevada.  Cambridge Construction is the General Contractor and CP Group is the equipment designer and supplier. The project is nearing its halfway mark.

The design/build team at Cambridge Companies has reported that progress at Republic Services’ Southern Nevada Recycling Complex in North Las Vegas is proceeding at “breakneck pace”. 

Several portions of the site work are mostly complete, including the mass grading, building pad preparation and road bed installation.  The site is crossed by several washes, and work to install the concrete box culverts and headwalls to cross these are in progress.

Notable challenges and obstacles included working with an on-site flood plain that could flood in storm events, removing unsuitable soils, and hard dig in caliche within the areas being excavated. The installation of the domestic water lines, fire lines, and site electric conduits has started.  Connections to the City utilities will be completed in the next month. 

The work on the tipping, bale and process areas is currently the highest priority on the critical path.  To this goal, the building structural concrete is 95% complete, the building structural steel frame is 60% complete, and the remaining structural frame will be erected in the first half of May.  The portions of the building over the equipment have been prioritized for completion to allow CP to start as early as practical.

This work is being pushed ahead in the schedule to allow the installation of the equipment to start in the next few weeks.  For this to happen, the process building structure, roof, and siding all need to be in place. 

Prior to the beginning of equipment installation, the electrical and fire protection subcontractors have been at work installing their items below the ceiling. This includes substantial pipe runs for the suppression system and installation of electrical bus ducts for supplying the equipment power drops. These tasks are important to complete before the beginning of equipment installation, as once equipment installation starts, access to those floor areas will be limited.

Work on the foundations and sub-slab utilities for the administration office building is underway.  This work is to be completed soon to allow the mason to begin their work on the load-bearing masonry walls of this structure, as well as the lower 8’ of the perimeter walls of the recycling center.

Progress has not been without its challenges, however, this project is tracking toward a November completion, according to Cambridge Companies. The team at Republic Services has taken an active role in the project delivery process, which has provided Cambridge and CP with clear direction and meaningful involvement.

With continued hard work, cooperation between the project key players, and an eye toward consistent execution, this project aims for an on-time opening to start serving the citizens of Clark County before the end of 2015.


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