Dennis Eagle Olympus to Trial ISS Safety Features on South Coast

New Safety Focused 32 Tonne Refuse Collection Vehicle for Bournemouth

Bournemouth Council has taken delivery of a new 32 tonne Dennis Eagle Olympus 27 Refuse Collection truck for its waste and recycling fleet.

On the South Coast of England Bournemouth Council has taken delivery of a new 32 tonne Dennis Eagle Olympus 27 Refuse Collection truck for its waste and recycling fleet.

According to the manufacturer it is equipped with the latest safety technology, and will perform the same rounds as previously carried out by two vehicles.

It is fitted with a Terberg OmniTRADE bin lift as well as safety equipment from Innovative Safety Systems (ISS). The new vehicle will join Bournemouth Council’s refuse collection fleet, which consists almost entirely of Dennis Eagle products.

“The increased capacity of this vehicle will enable us to improve the efficiency of our service and save costs by completing the equivalent of two rounds without having to go back and forth to the tip,” commented Paul Hancock, principal fleet engineering & depot services manager at Bournemouth Council.

In line with the rest of the Authority’s waste and recycling fleet, this vehicle has been fitted with the Cyclear™ cyclist safety system, RX4 four-way Hard Disk Recording Camera System, Reversing Radars and LED Lightboard, all from ISS.

“The safety of the public, and our staff, is a high priority,” he continued. “The vehicle will be working in public areas and during the evening so we have made sure it is highly visible and Gavin Thoday, director of Coventry based ISS said: “Bournemouth Council has always shown a serious commitment to the safety of its fleet and we are delighted to be the Authority’s chosen partner in this area. 

He added that the company will be working with the council on a trial of the company’s latest product, Reaclear, and is confident that it has the potential to significantly reduce the dangers posed when HGVs reverse.

The vehicle will initially carry out combined trade and litter collections including the beach. It also assisted in cleaning up the local area during Bournemouth’s award winning Air Festival, which took place in August 2016.

“As well as our new DennisConnect telematics system, the vehicle also features a Euro 6 compliant engine, which is expected to lead to reduced CO₂ emissions for the Council,” said Richard Taylor, sales and marketing director at Dennis Eagle.

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