Exclusive insight from Steinmueller Babcock Environment and TURBODEN at the 12th annual EfW Conference

New Technologies Driving the Energy from Waste Industry

Energy from Waste is playing an increasingly important role in the move to a more circular economy. Key topics in this move will be discussed at the 12th annual Energy from Waste Conference in London from the 3rd – 4th December this year.


Across the globe demand for energy is rising, and this trend that is set to continue. It’s matched by massively increased consumption of goods and production of wastes. With concerns about the environment reaching critical levels and widespread talk of a global environmental emergency, cleaner technology is vital in both waste management and energy production.

With unrecyclable waste a feature of modern industrial economies which is not going to go away any time soon, Energy from Waste plays a key role in the move to a circular economy. Optimising its efficiency in fulfilling that role will be a key topic at the 12th annual Energy from Waste Conference held at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London from the 3rd – 4th December this year.

Steinmueller Babcock Environment and TURBODEN, both leading technology providers in the industry are sponsoring the event. 

Michael Mück, Head of Boiler Design at Steinmueller Babcock Environment will share his experience operating plants with high steam parameters and provide an explanation of the theoretical background to such operations. Alessandro Bertacchini, Sales & Business Development Manager for Waste to Energy at Turboden will focus on the benefits of small/medium EfW plants (<200,000 tonnes per year) vs large facilities.

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