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Rubicon Global Partnerships to Boost Safety & Compliance for Waste & Recycling Firms

Rubicon Global has launched two new partnerships to underscore the importance of safety within its hauler network and the industry.


Atlanta, Georgia based waste and recycling firm, Rubicon Global, has launched two new partnerships to underscore the importance of safety within its hauler network and the industry.

Insurance Office of America (IOA) and Concorde, Inc. have joined the RubiconPro buying program to provide insurance and DOT driver compliance administration, respectively, to independent haulers and truckers in all 50 states.

RubiconPro features fuel, equipment, financial and now insurance and compliance benefits that the company said were previously only available to the industry’s largest regional and national haulers and truck fleets.

According to the company the new partnerships support the National Waste and Recycling Association’s (NWRA) August “Safety Stand Down” campaign, which is focused on raising awareness throughout the waste and recycling industry about safety issues and possible improvements.”

Through RubiconPro, IOA will provide haulers and truckers with an internal department dedicated strictly to waste, recycling and environmental accounts.

Additionally, IOA will provide haulers with access to its RiskScore® platform, to determine the safety culture, claims management, training and compliance programs of an organization and help to implement a strategy of improvement where needed.

“IOA has a unique understanding of the waste industry, both the growth challenges that independent haulers face as well as the inherent risks, from an insurance perspective,” said Nathan Brainard, Vice President, Environmental Division, IOA.

“In addition, we’ve invested a considerable amount of time as members of both the NWRA ANSI z 245.1 and Safety Committees, to continue to educate ourselves on hauler safety and find new ways to serve our clients,” he added.

As part of the second partnership, Concorde, Inc. will help independent haulers and trucking companies maintain the administration and safety compliance process for commercial drivers, including Driver Qualification Management; Motor Vehicle Record Monitoring; Compliance, Safety and Accountability Reporting; Medical Examination Review; Drug and Alcohol Testing and Employment Screening Services.

“Simplifying compliance will help haulers keep their drivers safe, on the road and up to date on Department of Transportation requirements and regulations,” said Kerry Grubb, Director, RubiconPro. “Concorde has long been one of the most well-respected compliance firms in the nation, so we are pleased to have them join RubiconPro.”

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