Sicilian Crowd Funding Campaign for Bioplasic Made from Recycling Hemp Wastes


Having filed its first patent application for HempBioPlastic (HBP®), a bio-composite for 3D Printing derived from industrial hemp waste recycling, Sicilian startup Kanèsis is to launch a crowdfunding campaign tomorrow on the Indeigogo platform.

Compared to other bio plastics available on the market, HBP® was claimed to offer mechanical advantages - as well as be aesthetically pleasing, with veins resembling those of wood.

Although one of its very first applications is the extrusion of special filaments for FDM 3D Printing, HBP® can also be used in several thermoplastic sectors, allowing for endless future developments.

The company, which is involved in the research, development and production of new bio-based thermoplastic composites, sais that it is now ready to to take its product market, and is running the crowndfunding campaign in a bid to involve enthusiasts and industry experts.

“This choice allows us to maintain our independence and decision-making autonomy, factors that we do not intend to overlook at this stage of our growth,” commented Giovanni Milazzo and Antonio Caruso, company founders.

“We strongly believe in a future where eco-friendly materials can replace those derived from petrochemicals, but every big change comes from the grassroots,” they concluded.

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