Uganda Launches National e-waste Management Center

e-waste management center to address the growing concern over the risks posed by the improper disposal of electronic devices in Uganda.

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With the support of UNDP, in 2016, the Uganda Ministry of Information and Communications Technology developed  Guidelines for E-Waste Management in Uganda. Uganda has historically not been an importer of e-waste, however, with increasing domestic use of electronic devices, as well as lack of e-waste management infrastructure, e-waste has become an issue in Uganda.

Uganda generated 17 million kg of e-waste in 2018 and it is projected that this would grow by approximately 4.5 million kg per annum, according to the Global E-waste Monitor report by the UN. 

Uganda on Tuesday launched a national electronic waste (e-waste) management center to address the growing concern over the environment and security risk posed by the improper disposal of electronic devices.

Sabiiti Muzeyi, general manager of Luwero Industries, while speaking at the launch of the center, which will be run by the business arm of the military said the facility shall collect, sort, dismantle and dispose of the waste.

"The facility is aimed at ensuring safe and sustainable management of e-waste. The e-waste management center shall be the main and pivotal e-waste management facility in the country," Muzeyi said.

He said the center shall with time eventually progress towards refurbishment and recycling.

"To ensure efficiency and working with the other stakeholders, regional collection centers shall be established to supplement the national e-waste management center," he said.

"Improper disposal of e-waste poses environmental, health, safety and security risks. For the successful and sustainable management of e-waste, we implore all Ugandans to cooperate," said Muzeyi.