STADLER Continues 228yr History in the Town of Altshausen

Ultra-Modern New Headquarters for German Recycling Equipment Firm STADLER

STADLER has held an inauguration event for an ultra-modern, five-storey headquarters building which has the space to accommodate the company’s recent and future growth.


German recycling equipment manufacturer and MRF designer, STADLER, has held an inauguration event attended by VIPs and senior company executives for an ultra-modern, five-storey headquarter building which has the space to accommodate the company’s recent and future growth.

The new building keeps STADLER in the town of Altshausen, in the south-west state of Baden-Württemberg, where the company has been located for 228 years. The headquarters were constructed in three phases, starting in November 2013, at a total cost of €30 million.

With a 680 square-metre footprint, the premises contain 3400 square-metres of offices with working spaces for 100 people (and provision for more), six meeting rooms, and an auditorium.

As a prominent business in waste disposal and the emerging circular economy, STADLER places great importance on environmental friendliness, and the new building reflects this. For heating, cooling and lighting, there is an energy-efficient solar photovoltaic system and heat recovery from the company’s powder-coating room.

Natural daylight and warmth flows into the building through generous use of glass and a central atrium, and comfortable room temperatures are maintained year-round with energy-efficient heating and cooling ceiling systems.

Speeches were made at the opening ceremony by Mr. Stadler; by Mr. Patrick Bauser, the mayor of Altshausen; and by Mr. Franz-Josef Luib, Construction Manager with Power of Attorney of Georg Reisch GmbH & Co KG responsible for construction of the headquarters. The event’s 100 attendees included regional and local politicians and business people, STADLER’s business partners, and STADLER’s heads of department.

Mr. Stadler commented: “We are very proud of our new, state-of-the-art headquarters. Our considerable investment in this building will help our growing business to operate even more efficiently, and will help to ensure that STADLER is a pleasant place to work. This is an important day in our history – a day to reflect how far we have come as a business and how far we can still go, as our planet’s need for recycling and a circular economy becomes ever more urgent.”

The formal inauguration ceremony was followed on Saturday 19 October by a Family Day at the new headquarters. This gave more than 600 guests of STADLER’s employees and collaborators the opportunity to tour the facilities and to enjoy informal hospitality, live music, and a wide range of activities for children.

Although STADLER’s headquarters are in Germany, it noted that its business is global in reach, and it has assembled more than 350 sorting plants and installed more than 3000 sorting machines worldwide, and continues to add to these numbers as the world’s need for recycling increases.