VIDEO UPDATE: 161 MW Waste to Energy CHP Plant Comes Online in Finland

Vantaa ENergy has inaugurated a waste to energy facility with a combined heat and power output of over 160 MW in Vantaa, Finland.  

Waste to Energy Landfill

A waste to energy facility with a combined heat and power output of over 160 MW has been inaugurated in Vantaa, Finland.

According to Pöyry, which provided Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services to Vantaa Energy for the project, the facility is the largest and most efficient waste to energy plant in Finland.

The €300 million plant will process around 320,000 tonnes of waste per year and generate some 62 MW and 99 MW of electricity and heat respectively with an efficiency of 95%.

According to Vantaa Energy, the waste to energy plant will produce around 65,500 t onnes per year of bottom ash, 5600 tonnes per year of fly ash and 13,100 tonnes of flue gas treatment residues.

Pöyry (NASDAQ: OMX and Helsinki: POY1V) added that the facility will enable utility, Vantaa Energy, to use about 30% less fossil fuels in electricity and heat production, whilst substantially reducing the amount of household waste going to landfill

The new plant is expected to produce around 270,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, reducing the utility’s emissions by around 130,000 tonnes of CO2.

According to Vantaa, the flue gas cleaning methods at the plant represent the Best Available Technology, and the plant falls below the emission limits permitted by the Waste Incineration Directive by an average of 50%.

The utility said that the cleanliness of the flue gas coming out the of the plant’s chimney is ensured with continuously operated measuring devices located in the flues. The plant will shut down if the limit values set for the plant’s emissions are exceeded.

Construction work for the plant started in autumn 2011, the foundation stone was laid in May 2012, and the topping-out ceremony was held in May 2013. The trial run of the plant started in March 2014 when the first waste consignments were incinerated.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Ilkka Lassila, Pöyry’s project manager said “The co-operation with the client was smooth. We led the group of over a hundred partners in the project, from engineers to construction companies and suppliers. The complex project was completed on schedule and budget.”

A video published by Pöyry features in this week's WMW Newscast below

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