175,000 TPD of Waste Generated in Indonesia

Waste-to-Energy Asia Summit: Indonesia Ready for Solution to Growing Waste Problem

Doosan Lentjes has discussed the potential for the industry at the Waste-to-Energy Asia Summit which is taking place in Jakarta.

Doosan Waste to Energy Conference indonesia Asia

International waste to energy technology supplier, Doosan Lentjes, has discussed the potential for the industry at the Waste-to-Energy Asia Summit which is taking place in Jakarta.

According to the local Environment & Forestry Ministry, the roughly 250 million Indonesian citizens produce 175,000 tonnes of solid waste per day - equivalent to 64 million tonnes per year.

Currently, 69% of this sent to non-sanitary open dumpsites which have substantially negative effects on both environment and human health due to harmful greenhouse gas emissions being released. Simultaneously, increasing levels of urbanisation and a growing Indonesian middle class is expected to result in even higher amounts of waste generated in the future, while requiring more electricity to be produced.

“This situation requires the application of advanced technologies that help to meet the Indonesian challenges of both reliable waste disposal and power shortage”, said Reinhard Knittel, director at Doosan Lentjes.

“In doing so, the Indonesian government follows a proven waste hierarchy approach prioritising waste reduction, reusing and recycling. However, when recycling is not an option, the thermal waste treatment of solid waste is the final, indispensable stage of a modern and sustainable waste management concept, reducing waste volumes by more than 90% while recovering valuable power from the solid waste – a largely CO2 neutral energy source,” he continued.

“At the Waste-to-Energy Asia Summit 2017, we are pleased to discuss how state-of-the-art WtE processes tailored to individual requirements can help local clients implement sustainable waste management concepts supporting local efforts to maximise environmental protection,” concluded Knittel.

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