Waste-to-Resources 2021: The Circular Economy Event will be fully digital

The 9th International Conference and Exhibition on Circular Economy, MBT, MRF and Recycling - Waste-to-Resources 2021 - takes place from May 18 to 20. It is not only completely digital this year, it has also significantly expanded its focus.

The 9th edition of Waste-to-Resources will be fully digital using a cutting edge virtual exhibition platform. The knowledge of the conference will be complemented by an exhibition of market-leading and most innovative companies. More than 70 conference presentations from 25 countries map the latest developments in the circular economy and represent a broad agenda considering a wide range waste types, an expanded role of circular economy strategies, and the local situation on all continents.

For best comfort of participants in all time zones there will be a recorded stream of the conference available on demand for the registered participants. You can watch the event at your local time!

Waste-to-Resources 2021 will again be a platform for international exchange of knowledge about material and energy recovery from waste. Starting with optimized collection, more than 70 presentations from 25 countries map the latest developments in the circular economy, leading to the recovery of materials. The conference is supported by the International Solid Waste Association ISWA.

Blocks of Topics

  • Waste management and zero-waste strategies
  • Circular economy during the Corona crisis
  • Treatment and recovery technologies
  • Fire protection in waste treatment and recycling plants
  • Practical experience and new plant concepts
  • Processing and recovery of organic waste fractions
  • Recovery of metals and precious metals
  • Mineral and construction waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Liquefaction and chemical recycling
  • Hydrogen economy
  • Waste management and recovery for selected waste types
  • Separation and processing of waste fractions
  • Wet mechanical treatment for advanced separation
  • Pyrolysis, plasma, gasification
  • Slag utilization
  • Geomechanical properties of MBT output
  • Waste management in Asia
  • Waste management in emerging and developing countries

As always, day passes are also available. The program and registration as a visitor or exhibitor can be found here