Zerocycle Engagement Initiatives Boost Recycling Rates for Buffalo & Cincinnati

Zerocycle, the creator of a proprietary Resident Engagement Platform that uses rich data analytics and behavioural science techniques to increase recycling, has concluded two initiatives with the Cities of Buffalo and Cincinnati.


Washington DC based Zerocycle, the creator of a proprietary Resident Engagement Platform (REP) that uses rich data analytics and behavioural science techniques to help local governments increase recycling, reduce waste and lower disposal costs, has concluded two initiatives with the City of Buffalo, New York and the City of Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to the company its Resident Engagement Platform is an industry-first solution that uses proprietary big data analytics to capture and integrate a multitude of existing data streams such as weight tickets and route information, in order to deliver targeted messaging to households in strategic areas based on their need for improvement.

The outreach is customised with each city’s branding and features full-colour maps, neighbourhood rankings to foster friendly competition, and other insights on recycling.

Zerocycle’s initiative with the City of Buffalo doubled the rate of increase in recycling tonnage across target households, while the initiative with the City of Cincinnati led to a 15.7% increase in recycling participation.

The company explained that both initiatives focused on neighbourhoods with historically low recycling rates, and the results were measured using randomized controlled trials.

Officials from the City of Buffalo have now extended their engagement with Zerocycle, and expanded the number of target households by 400%.

“The City of Buffalo is pleased to have this new tool for our residents to motivate them to increase recycling in their neighbourhoods,” Commented Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown:

Hunter Hayes, Zerocycle’s Co-Founder and CEO added: “As we’ve now refined our measurement and outreach platform to extremely accurate levels, which would have been impossible without the real-world implementation and evaluation in these two great cities. In the first three months of 2018 we’ve already quintupled our 2017 data collection, and we don’t see any signs of that slowing down.”

Last year, Zerocycle said that it helped the City of Fremont, California achieve a 13% reduction in overall trash bin weight and the company is preparing to launch new initiatives in Columbus, OH, Torrance, CA, and Des Moines, IA, respectively.

In a separate but related announcement the company also recently launched a web-based tool called the Recycling Analytics Dashboard (RAD), which visually displays a city’s neighbourhood-specific waste diversion metrics. In addition to keeping citizens informed and engaged, RAD helps city officials proactively identify areas that are exceeding, meeting or falling below waste diversion targets.

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