Product News : Harsco Environmental Introduces Abrasive Materials to Surface Preparation Market

Harsco Corporation provides environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams. Now the company announced the launch of SURE/CUT™: The product line is an enhanced environmentally friendly line of blasting products backed by research, development and testing in numerous field trials. It provides customers with a faster cutting solution that saves time and money while increasing productivity.

SURE/CUT Edge™ is an enhanced nickel abrasive material, featuring lower consumption rates and dust generation, as well as low heavy metal and crystalline silica content. It also provides a cost savings benefit related to usage rate.

SURE/CUT™ Velocity is an enhanced calcium-iron silicate abrasive material, providing superior cleaning rate, consumption rate and quality of the finished product on a variety of substrates and coatings.

SURE/CUT™ provides blasters higher productivity, with test results showing:

Consumption rate reductions of up to 30-percent.

Faster cutting rates producing up to 50-percent less time on the job.

Reduction in cost per square foot of overhead and material expenditures.