Bio Fuels : ABSL and Greenergy agree to produce biofuels from municipal waste in the UK

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Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd (ABSL), a developer and producer of advanced biofuels, and Greenergy, a leading manufacturer and supplier of waste-based biofuels, announced the signing of a Joint Development Agreement to develop, construct and operate up to five municipal waste-based biofuel plants in the UK.

Design work for the first plant to be situated at Ellesmere Port near Liverpool is underway and commercial production is due to commence in 2025. Subsequent plants are planned over the following years.

Using ABSL’s proven and patented RadGas technology, the first plant will convert annually 133,000 tonnes of municipal waste into biomethane for gas vehicles or biohydrogen for hydrogen vehicles.

Together, the five plants would replace millions of litres of fossil petrol and diesel used in transport fuels, saving 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, with the output of the plants equivalent to powering

5,000 HGVs. The fuels will qualify as development fuels under the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.

Nathan Burkey, Executive Chairman of ABSL, said: “Today’s announcement enables ABSL to accelerate significantly the speed and scale of the deployment of our RadGas technology. The partnership brings together cutting-edge technology with the experience of large-scale fuel production and distribution to produce low carbon fuels for transport critical to achieving Net Zero.”

Christian Flach, Greenergy CEO added, “We are continuing to progress innovative waste-based fuel projects that divert waste from landfill

or incineration and create low carbon fuels for the transport sector at scale. This agreement is a further expansion of our leading renewables business and will enable us to continue to support our customers through the energy transition.”

About Greenergy

Europe’s largest manufacturer of biodiesel from waste, Greenergy operates three waste-to-biodiesel plants: two on the east coast of England and a third in Amsterdam. Greenergy is continuing to invest and progress other renewable transport fuel projects, including turning waste tyres into advanced biofuels.

Greenergy is an established supplier and distributor of transportation fuels with a proven track record as the low-cost supplier delivering highly reliable customer service. Greenergy markets in the UK, Ireland,

Canada and Brazil as well as through a joint venture in Bahrain.

About ABSL

Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd (ABSL) is a technology company dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges of Net Zero. By deploying its proprietary technology, RadGas, it is able to transform household

waste into low carbon biofuels that can replace fossil fuels in parts of the economy that are hard to electrify. In the production of those much-needed low carbon biofuels, RadGas is also able to capture the carbon

in the waste as carbon dioxide, supporting the transition Net Zero. ABSL was founded in March 2019 and is based in Swindon, UK. It is a private company backed by investment funds, high net worth individuals and supported with external funding from the UK Government.