Sustainability : Award for environmentally responsible packaging

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simply tera's, producer of protein powders, has a 100% sustainable packaging, that has won the 2021 Expo East NEXTY Award for Best New Environmentally Responsible Packaging. simply tera's is a leader in the industry with one of the first to market with a package made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials. This includes the canister, lid, and scoop, all made from recycled, curbside collected HDPE#2 plastic food containers, along with the inner seal and label being made from 100% recycled paper materials. Furthermore it's 100% recyclable. "Our new packaging reflects where we want to grow as a leader in sustainability and it's an honor to be recognized within such a competitive category", says Debbie Shandel, Chief Growth Officer/Partner at simply tera's.

The biannually awarded NEXTY Awards are given to products that display outstanding innovation, inspiration, and integrity. These products help drive the underlying goal of the natural products industry to deliver more healthful, trusted, and sustainable products to consumers.