Oregon Based Firm to Supply Sorting Systems for MRF : BHS Secures Contract for 25tph Material Recycling Facility in Florida

Bulk Handling Systems recycling mrf ECULA
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Florida’s Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) has selected Eugene, Oregon based recycling equipment manufacturer, Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) to design, manufacture and install its new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

The company said that the system, scheduled to start up in spring 2016, is designed to process more than 25 tons (22.7 tonnes) per hour of Single Stream recyclable materials.

ECUA serves over 75,000 customers in Escambia County and a further 21,000 in Santa Rosa County, all of which are offered recycling collections along with regular waste services.

According to BHS the $7.5 million project is instrumental in helping ECUA progress its recycling program. Separation technologies, including BHS screens, a Nihot glass cleanup system and NRT optical sorting are expected to recover more than 95% of available recyclables.

The new MRF is one component in ECUA’s comprehensive recycling plan. In addition to its voluntary recycling program launched in 2009, the Authority also recycles yard waste through a composting operation, provides a bulk waste recycling program and collects household hazardous waste materials free-of-charge on a call-in basis once per month.

“The ECUA is taking proactive steps to locally process our recyclables,” commented Randall Rudd, ECUA deputy executive director of shared services. “This state-of-the-art system will create local jobs and allow the ECUA to continue its recycling program and accept additional recyclables from within the region.”

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