Waste to Energy : ESWET: Waste-to-energy online event


The European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology (ESWET) organization is hosting an online event Monday, October 25, to discuss what waste management might look like in the future and the role waste to energy (WTE) technology might play in handling non-recyclable waste.

Experts from ESWET itself as well as Bellona Europa, CEWEP, Climate Principles, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), FEAD, Fortum Oslo Varme and Zero Waste Europe will discuss questions like: How will European waste management look like in the next thirty years? Can we avoid the generation of non-recyclable waste? Can waste-to-energy become carbon neutral thanks to the integration of CCS?

Starting from the EU Green Deal pillars – Circular Economy, Zero Pollution, and Climate Neutrality – the event aims to debate how to improve the sustainability of waste treatment in the EU and discuss the role of Waste-to-Energy.

The event is part of “The Beauty in the Beast” campaign: a journey through five different stories to reveal the hidden beauties of waste-to-energy technologies and their impact on the EU Green Deal.

The event is free of charge. Registration here.