First in a Series of Free Coronavirus Training Modules for Waste Industry from Dsposal : Free COVID-19 Digital Training Launched for Waste Management Key Workers

To help waste sector key workers operate safely during the Government imposed lockdown, waste compliance company Dsposal has prepared and released the first in a series of free training modules on COVID-19 safety measures.

The company explained that the training is based on WISH (Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum) guidelines released on 2 April, and Government Guidelines released on 8 April.

The Manchester-based company said that it plans to follow up this introductory training with subsequent free COVID-19 safety training modules targeted at specific groups of waste industry workers.

Alexa Culver, Commercial Director at Dsposal, commented:

“We wanted to do what we could to support our sector through the COVID-19 lockdown and its immediate aftermath. Promoting proper waste management is a crucial part of maintaining public health and to do that we need to protect the health of our key workers.

“Our free COVID-19 Safety Training can be accessed and completed by all waste sector key workers on computers, smartphones or tablets. This training will be permanently free to ensure there are no-cost (or other) barriers to promoting safety.”

Rapidly Changing Supply Chains

The company noted that waste supply chains are changing rapidly to take account of the sudden shift in waste arisings, public behaviour, and industrial demand triggered by the lockdown.

Demand for materials such as plastics, cardboard and glass is going to be difficult to predict, surges in food waste are expected as a result of public panic-buying, and significantly more medical waste is predicted within an already over-burdened domestic clinical waste infrastructure.

Changes such as these are leading to rapid distortions of already complex waste and materials supply chains, with the real risk of criminals taking advantage of this.

Culver concluded:

“We’ve heard first-hand from customers how volatile the situation is. With some organisations closing down operations completely due to COVID-19, and others struggling to fulfil contracts with limited staff all the while needing to find new disposal routes as their usual contractors aren’t operating.

“To support and promote the legitimate waste industry and to help all organisations remain legally compliant throughout this period, we have made all our legal compliance tools available on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.

“We want it to be easy for companies to check the compliance status of their rapidly changing supply chain and sub-contractors, paying only what they can for the service.”

The training is accessed via a special link HERE

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