CCC Waste Management’s Biomass Boiler Plans Move Forward : Go-Ahead for 4MW Wood Waste to Energy Project in Liverpool

Heizomat ccc waste management vg consulting biomass wood waste waste to energy
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Galston, Scotland based environmental consultants, VG Consulting, has partnered with planning consultant, LJ Architecture to provide environmental support for a 4MW wood waste to energy project being planned by Liverpool based CCC Waste Management.

As part of the CCC’s waste management policy it is installing 4MW of biomass boiler systems with an integrated drying floor. The boilers will be fuelled with Grade A/B waste wood.

For its part, VG Consulting said that it addressed various service areas including biodiversity, acoustic, land and minerals, air quality and waste management surveys to support the planning application. The consultants also advised on legislative procedures and the submission process.

The local Parish Council had raised concerns over the plans. However, according to VG Consulting it helped CCC to respond with detailed answers within the proposal.

The company said that initial objections are common within renewable energy developments, housing, or commercial builds, but that it understand the concerns and answered them directly.

The consultants added that delivering planning submissions that meet criteria and present open communication throughout, gives all parties insight to make informed decisions.

The application was presented at planning committee where it was unanimously approved. Following consent, the next steps are to supply and install four Heizomat biomass boilers (pictured above) and the Welvent drying floor, which will be performed by technology partners VG Energy.

According to Sean Munro, director of CCC Group – CCC Waste Management’s parent company – the project represents a total investment of around £2 million.

“Of course this is a substantial investment and after due diligence we realised that this approach will add value to our operations, our customer base and the wider community now and for the future,” he said.

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