Waste to Energy : Greenland signs up with waste-to-energy tech company Babcock & Wilcox

Greenland Grönland
© Thomas Leibrandt

Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) announced that its B&W Renewable segment has been awarded a contract for more than $35 million by Greenland’s national waste management company, ESANI A/S, to supply and install advanced combustion, emissions control and related equipment for its new municipal waste-to-energy facilities.

The facilities, to be built in the cities of Nuuk and Sisimiut, will provide district heating for residents and businesses while also eliminating methane – a greenhouse gas created by waste as it decomposes in landfills. In addition to using municipal waste, the facilities also will process waste recovered from existing landfills, reducing future methane emissions from those landfills. There company's technology will provide the ability to process all of Greenland’s municipal waste.

“Waste-to-energy technologies are some of the most effective solutions for combatting climate change by reducing methane emissions from landfills and can be combined with carbon capture technologies to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Jimmy Morgan, B&W Chief Operating Officer.