HSM Products at World’s Largest Waste & Recycling Event

HSM Waste Baling Presses & Shredders on Show at IFAT

HSM IFAT waste baler shredder
© HSM VK1005

German waste baling press and shredder manufacturer, HSM will present not only its smallest fully automatic channel baling presses (HSM VK 1005), but also one of the its largest, the HSM VK 12018 R FU at the imminent IFAT exhibition in Munich from 30 May.

The company said that its HSM VK 1005 is suitable for industrial applications with smaller to medium-sized volumes of material with a throughput of up to around 1 tonne per hour.

When combined with the HSM DuoShredder 5750, a two-phase, fully automatic shredding system, the baling press was said to become a complete waste disposal system.

Using the DuoShredder, documents can first be destroyed at security level P-4 (according to DIN standard 66399) and then pressed into bales weighing up to 120 kg by using the HSM VK 1005 with a press force of 110 kN.

The fully automatic channel baling press HSM VK 12018 with a frequency-controlled drive was claimed to save up to 40% in terms of energy consumption, making a significant contribution to environmental protection and efficiency.

This drive is also available as an option for many HSM baling presses and multi-phase shredding systems.

The company said that using the HSM VK 12018, up to 44 tonnes of mixed paper, weighing around 1 tonne each, can be pressed every hour using a drive of 2 x 55 kW and a press force of 1,200 kN. With foil, the bales reach around 700 kg.

However, it was added that it is not only the weight, but also the quality of the bale that is crucial for the disposer. The more densely the bales are pressed, the more stable they are for storage indoors or outdoors, and they then fulfil the requirements of paper mills better.

Another important criterion for disposal was said to be the size of the bale. With 1.10 x 1.10 m, they offer the best size for the truck load and save approximately 1/3 of the wire compared to smaller presses.

HSM will also be presenting a wide range of products in the field of vertical baling presses. Four machines with between 120 kN press force (HSM V-Press 610) and 548 kN press force (HSM V-Press 1160 will b e on displa.

These products will be on display at the company’s boot in Hall C1, 251/350.

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