SCUBA Diving Enthusiasts Highlight Marine Pollution : Infographic: Plastics not the Only Waste Polluting the Oceans

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Andrew Dilevics, community manager at SCUBA diving publication,, explains some of the key talking points of a new infographic highlighting the blight of waste and pollution entering the world’s oceans…

72% of the world’s surface is taken up by ocean. The ocean has an essential part to play in the survival of mankind. It is accountable for 70% of the oxygen we breathe and over 97% of our water supply. However our oceans are at the brink of disaster.

Waste is entering our oceans at an alarming rate causing destruction in its wake. Did you know that enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth 4 times? In addition, plastic accounts for 10% of the total waste that we generate. Inevitably, this plastic ends up in our oceans and can cause untold damage to marine life and their habitats.

Even though plastic is that largest factor in ocean pollution, another factor which is threatening marine life is toxic chemicals, which are being deliberately dumped into the ocean by industrial sources and pouring into the oceans at an alarming rate via surface run-off. These chemicals are easily absorbed by plastics and can end up on our beaches and coastal areas, affecting anyone entering or ingesting these waters.

The oceans also have the ability to absorb 30% of the carbon dioxide created by mankind. However, due to pollution, the oceans ability to absorb CO2 has dropped by nearly 10% since the year 2000. The ocean is significant in preventing our planet from succumbing to the effects of global warming.

If you would like to learn more about ocean pollution and how it affects marine life and mankind, then take a look at the fascinating infographic below, created by the team at

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