Radioactive waste : Ireland "not entirely compliant" with EUs radioactive waste management laws

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According to the European Commission (EC) Ireland needs to adopt a much better national plan to deal with radioactive waste. The EC sent a reasoned opinion over its radioactive material plan to the green island saying it was "not entirely compliant" with a key directive aimed at ensuring such waste is disposed of in a safe manner.

A special directive came into force in 2011 and compels member states to implement national programmes from its generation to disposal. Although Ireland does not have a nuclear industry, it still is required to have a proper plan, since there are various sources of radioactive waste. "Radioactive waste is generated from the production of electricity in nuclear power plants, but also from the non-power-related use of radioactive materials for medical, research, industrial and agricultural purposes. This means that all member states generate radioactive waste," the EC said. "The directive's aim is to protect workers and the public from the dangers arising from ionising radiation."

Ireland now has two months to address the shortcomings identified by the European Commission.