SEBIGAS to Design & Build Biomethane Grid Injection Plants for Fonroche Energie : Italian Biogas Firm Scores Deal for Two More Anaerobic Digestion Plants in France

SEBIGAS biogas anaerobic digestion waste to energy

SEBIGAS, an Italian firm specialised in the design and construction of biogas plants, has signed a repeat contract with French renewable energy firm Fonroche Energie Renouvelable for the supply of two biogas plants located in the North and South of France.

The company said that following the first contract awarded at the end of 2016 for the construction of a 1.8 MWe biogas plant located in Gramat, Fonroche has decided to award it a deal to supply two additional biogas plants.

The Biogasconha plant, located in Bayonne and the Biodeac facility located in Loudeac, will both be fed with blood, flotation greases, cattle pig and duck manure, fruit and vegetable waste, slaughter house waste and Biogasconha will also be fed by corn and cereal wastes.

The plants will produce respectively 2400 Nm3/h and 950 Nm3/h of biogas to be upgraded and then injected into the national grid as biomethane.

SEBIGAS said that the deal adds two new references to its portfolio which now includes 69 anaerobic digestion plants for a total of over 65 MW of electrical power and that it continues to guarantee a 98.2% plant availability at maximum power.

The Biogasconha plant is also the largest biogas upgrading plant that Sebigas ever constructed.

According to Sebigas General Manager Marco Bonvini, the award of the additional contracts, before the start-up of the first plant, demonstrates that the company is a flexible and experienced and able to align with local sector policies.

He added that the firm’s entrance to the French market is proving a success and the firm is looking to start other projects soon.

SEBIGAS is a division of EXERGY SpA, part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group – SECI Energia

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