Artificial Intelligence Cuts Labour Costs at Midwest Recycling Facility : Machinex Installs Waste Sorting Recycling Robot SamurAI at LRS Site in Illinois

Machinex samurai waste recycling lakeshore illinois
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Lakeshore Recycling Systems(LRS), an independent recycling and waste services firm in the US Midwest, has installed a Machinex’s SamurAI robotic sorting machine at its Heartland Recycling Center.

Featuring a robot with four articulations, the machine employs artificial intelligence technology to identify materials for an accurate, positive product recovery or a precise quality control function.

Canadian recycling equipment manufacturer, Machinex, explained that the AI operates according to a pre-determined order of task hierarchy and continues to improve and learn from operating experience to assure maximum recognition efficiency.

The SamurAI™ technology is said to reduce LRS’ reliance on manual labour in the single-stream recycling facility, which in turn decreases the operation costs while improving productivity.

“We developed this technology further to always answer the evolution of the market needs,” said Pierre Pare, CEO of Machinex Group.

The SamurAI at LRS’ facility, located in Forest View, Illinois, will be the first machine installed in the United States.

“We are now able to sort, separate and allocate recyclable items more quickly than before. With this new technology, LRS is able to contribute more to preserving the Earth and providing innovative as well as environmentally responsible waste and recycling solutions,” said LRS’ CEO Alan T. Handley.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems Serving Chicagoland for nearly 20 years and is the largest privately-held waste and recycling company in Illinois.

In the video below Ian Smith explains the company's vision of Material Recycling Facilities 4.0.

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