Machinex Refits $32m Recycling Facility Destroyed by Fire in Ohio

Colerain Township, Ohio based waste and recycling company, Rumpke, has reopened its St Bernard material recycling facility (MRF) at a cost of $32 million following a devastating fire in April 2012. The company explained that the reopened facility is now its largest, fastest and most technologically advanced, and is capable of processing 55 tons (50 tonnes) per hour. The 100,000 square foot (9300 square metre) facility features a sorting system which has been designed by Machinex, and includes six optical scanners, two electromagnetic eddy currents, hundreds of spinning discs. The site currently employs nearly 100 staff to sort 500 tons (450 tonnes) of material daily. However, Rumpke said that it hopes to double the quantity of material with the revamped facility. “We designed our new facility with the additional capacity to handle growth as recycling increases in the region as well as provide the ability to process additional types of materials as new recycling markets become available,” explained vice president. Jeff Rumpke. According to Rumpke, by investing in technology the company has increased its recycling efficiency, driving down the cost to recycle. “Today, we can go to a home or business owner, examine their waste stream and identify a variety of waste solutions offering maximum recycling opportunities at the lowest cost possible, making recycling a win environmentally and economically,” he continued. The company added that its recycling team visited a total of nine material recovery facilities including three recycling centres in California, one in Rhode Island and five in Canada, before deciding on the design and equipment incorporated into the Rumpke Recycling Cincinnati facility. Prior to selecting the Machinex system the company said that four different equipment systems were proposed and considered. Read More Major Expansion for Closed Loop HDPE Plastic Recycling Facility in London Closed Loop Recycling is to significantly expand its HDPE recycling capabilities in order to fully meet the demand of the dairy industry for higher levels of rHDPE in its milk bottles. Waste & Recycling Bale Wrapping Equipment Sales for Cross Wrap Cross Wrap has signed a contract to supply a wrapping line for a Bulgarian Mechanical Biological Treatment facility owned and operated by Ecoinvest Assets JSC. BHS Installs 600 TPD Material Recycling Facility in Massachusetts Bulk Handling Systems has completed a new 600 ton per day single stream material recycling facility for in Westborough, Massachusetts waste and recycling company, E.L. Harvey & Sons.